Amish Crafts and Gifts

Amish Crafts and Gifts

DSC00550Arthur, IL has become one of the largest destinations in Illinois due to its large Amish population and wide offering of home made crafts.  The Amish craftsmen in the Arthur are are skilled artisans and offer the ability to have items made exactly to fit the customers needs and requests.  This holds true from small napkin holders all the way to full bedroom and kitchen suites.  The Amish craftsmen off you the ability to customize any item to your specifications and requirements.

Now, we at the Amish Market, realize it is a tad bit hard to send a bedroom suite through the mail but we do offer you the ability to get smaller customized crafts that make great gifts for yourself and for your loved ones.  We have numerous local Amish woodworkers and tailors that will help you create wooden toys, quilts, Amish dolls, bonnets, solid wood shelves, kitchen utensils, and much much more.

Feel free to look through our online store and see a small sample of what can be made here in the Illinois Amish country.  If you don’t see the item you are looking for just contact us and we will check to see if your item can be made here in Arthur, IL.Amber_OccTbls

Sidenote:  if you are looking for a bedroom suite or larger wooden item or piece of Amish custom furniture we suggest you visit The Woodloft and they can help you customize any large solid wood piece of furniture that you could ever want.

Our local Amish craftsman use select cloth and hard woods in all of the pieces they create.  Whether you are ordering a quilt, napkin holder, shelf, or even a whole kitchen and bedroom suite, we can say without a doubt that you will be receiving something you would be proud to hand down to future generations.  Give us a ring and let us help you custom design a piece you will cherish for the rest of your lift.